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HORRAON EVOO 250ml 2023

HORRAON EVOO 250ml 2023

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Harmony of Health and Flavour! Unveiling HORRAON Polyphenol-Rich Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Sterols!

Hand-nurtured from the Lianolia Kerkyras olive tree cultivar, our olive oil is the fruit of a biodynamic farming project that is dedicated to preserving traditions and promoting organic and sustainable agriculture.

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    At our core, we recognize the profound impact of embracing Nature's Harmony through Holistic Management. By integrating interconnected strategies, we cultivate sustainable agriculture, laying the groundwork for a vibrant and flourishing future.


    Driven by our unwavering dedication to Regenerative Agriculture, we tap into its transformative potential to revive the very essence of our land. Through nurturing ecosystems and fostering resilience, we pave the way for a sustainable and thriving future in agriculture.


    Our steadfast commitment lies in the essence of Biodynamic Farming, a holistic approach that unites us with the Earth's rhythm. We nurture the land, foster regenerative practices, and forge harmonious relationships, ensuring a thriving future for generations to come.

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